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Published on November 26, 2009 By Circumstantial In PC Gaming

Please, SHARE any of your nostalgic gaming memories. You gotta admit, those were the best moments in your entire life, whether with a friend, or eating cheese-its till 8 in the morning while you tried to beat that last boss Jericho. I mean, really...honestly...screw the moment you lost your virginity, or when you got married. Some games just never leave the cold, damp caverns of your cranium. O BTW!!! HAS ANYONE...*excuse me* has anyone played the scifi rts game called "Hegemonia" If you have...GIVE ME A LAWLZOR SANDWHICH. O man, how was it? Gimme ur opinion, because I think that, is probably the biggest fail in gaming history...next to spore.

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on Nov 26, 2009
  • Super Mario Bros 3 - A friend came over just as I was about to defeat the final boss and he saw me defeat him  


  • Castlevania - I had always died fighting the Grim Reaper (boss of lvl 5, there's 6 lvls) and when he starts to throw the third thing that follows me around it's normally gameover. I had always played in a very technical way and never went allout spamming attacks. So when the Reaper throwed the third thing I thought it was hopeless and just spammed crosses (had the 3x bonus so could have 3 crosses away simultanously) and just as I jumped and was going to die from landing at one of his damn projectiles HE DIED!!!   I was shocked!   I had finally defeated the Grim Reaper!!!
  • Heroes of Might & Magic 2 - The first thing I come to think of when I think about Heroes 2 is the high fantasy atmosphere. It was in a campaign map standing on the grass (so the grasstheme played) and the Ogre and his axe guarding a mine moved a little as did the Orc Chieftain with his crossbow guarding another mine. You have to hear the theme and see some wandering monsters to understand what I mean. Another great memory of this game was in Archibalds campaign mission 7 I guess where you have to destroy a peasant rebellion. The wandering monsters are LEGIONS of PEASANTS(!) (Ph34r th3m!!). I (of course) choosed Necromancer as starting bonus and Corlagon (the lvl 5 hero you start with) started collecting Skeletons. In the big battle against 10 Titans and some other Wizard creatures I had over 3000 Skeletons (heeheehee ). The Titans went first and the Wizard casted Mirror Image on them (Mirrorimaged units do the same damage as the original but dies of anything. 100 Skeletons died when the Titans throwed lightning at me. Then it was the mirrorimaged units turn. Another 100 Skeletons died. Still had over 3000 though                                  Used my vampires to kill the mirrorimaged Titans and casted Haste on the Skeletons so they would cross the battlefield in 2 turns. I don't remember what the Titans fired at but it doesn't matter, it was my turn again (with 29xx Skeletons left) and I knew that one swipe from my Skeleton legion would destroy 50.000 gold and 20 gems worth of Titans!   I took some deep breaths while laughing gleefully a bit for myself.

....Warmed up my fingers and slowly put my hand on the mouse again. Checked where the borders of target on the Titans went and put the cursor on its chest. Laughed a bit for myself, took another deep breath and clicked the button. The hasted Skeletons quickly went up to the Titans and hit them with the sword doing around 8000 damage. The Titans AAARRRGGHed and fell into dust on the battlefield. The enemy Wizard shook his head (heroes do that when they lose a powerful stack). The map was won at this point. Just had to mop up some. When I captured the Wizard town they had like 15 Titans waiting to be recruited(!)

on Nov 26, 2009

I used to spend hours playing Tank Pong, Biplanes, Jets and Space Combat.

Happy days...

on Nov 26, 2009

Well, I tried to play Hegemonia ...

I returned to gaming as an older guy, Civilization I was the last game I had played. Then, I got back in. Skipping right on to my most nostalgic memory ...

It was a dark and stormy night, I mean really it was, when I sat down to play the demo of the first Dungeon Siege. Every stage of that wonderful demo I remember. Was there really no other way to Stonebridge than thru a crypt! Oh noes! And then you met the gal down in the crypt and after further adventures you finally got to Stonebridge. The game itself, to me, never lived up to the demo.

on Nov 26, 2009

So many to pick from!

Possible Spoilers ahead.

I'd say, the most memorable would have to be in FFVII when you-know-who stabs you-know-her-name at the end of the first disc. Didn't see it coming, and boy was I very much . That theme music still gets me to this day.

After that, Homeworld - the unveiling of the mothership and the burning of Kharak. The music, the graphics, everything; every time I hear 'Adagio for strings' that's what I think of. Burnt into my memory, no pun intended.

on Nov 26, 2009

Bard's Tale - the original from the mid 80's. Countless hours on that game. Most of it was mapping out the dungeons. And there was a real sense of dread as I approached the final wizard's domain. Will never forget that one.

Infiltrator - 1986. Had the worst possible time operating and successfully landing the helicopter. But I kept playing because it was so much fun. Don't think I ever got past the first helicopter mission.

X-wing/Tie-fighter - hours and hours and hours. Probably played through all the missions 3 or 4 times.


on Nov 26, 2009

I've got two:

1)  I had my trusty Apple II+.   I blew a whole summer playing nothing but Wizardry I.  I got two of my friends hooked on it with me, and pretty soon "Katino", "Kadalto", Mahalito", and "Tiltowait" became household words.   Katino was our code word for farting (that was the name of the spell that put everyone to sleep).  I cheered out loud when I finally found Werdna once and for all.

2)  When I was 7 years old, we didn't have disk drives.   We loaded the game, "Sink the Bismarck" from a cassette tape.  8kB, took 2 minutes to load, and we paid like $17 for it.  There was no such thing as "compiling" back then--commercial software was written in BASIC, and all you had to do was type "list" and all the source code was right there.  After I had won the game enough times, I decided to hack into the game and give myself 12 turrets.   I was 7.   You figure out what a kid will grow up to be when he's hacking games at age 7.

on Nov 26, 2009

1. Doom II - Last map
Oh man, it was horrible. Like the whole hell went mad, and what's even worse: How the hell I am supposed to find the exit!? Oh, and one more thing: the sound that the bad-ass goat-like diehards make when they see ya; insta pants crapping.

2. Duke Nuk'em 3D
Music, "dancers", kick. 'nuf said.

3. Final Fantasy VII
Weapon fights, music, Aeris death, Cloud plot, Chocobo sound... Everything. This game wa...IS a masterpiece.

on Nov 26, 2009

Anyone else play Pharoah or any of the other Impression city-building games? I ate those things up.

on Nov 26, 2009

Wait, I forgot one: 
Ultima IV. Getting to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. I was a kid, and it was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I felt like I grew up while playing that game.

on Nov 26, 2009

The most interesting thing about all these posts(not that you guys dont have interesting nostalgia) is that most of these key memories were formulated when everyone was but wee lads/lasses. I guess since life has set in, such fond memories cannot once again find room within our cluttered minds next to these childhood gamergasms.

My most nostalgic memory...HMMM. This is a toughy. Okay, TWO fondest memories.

1. Just about EVERYTHING from "Skies of Arcadia: Legends". This is the magical adventure that Michael Jackson sings of in his song "Childhood".

2. Beating Pokemon Crystal. Crystal is undeniably, irrefutably, unquestionably, the best pokemon game to date. I still remember seeing Red(Ash) at the end of the game. I knew that oddly generic sprite, it had to be no other than the black haired hero of my childhood anime fantasies. Nothing feels better than beating your favorite cartoon character at a good 'ol match of pokemanz.


on Nov 26, 2009

I would define Nostalgia as a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place, time, events, situations or company, and as such it makes sense that in a thread asking for such things we cite memories from our childhood, or teenage years. I can't very well be nostalgic about Dragon Age: Origins - depsite the fact killing the Ogre atop the tower at Ostagard was epic, and the cinematic finisher took it far beyond where I thought games like DA:O could go!

on Nov 26, 2009

Final fantasy 7 put me in heaven.....

on Nov 26, 2009

Final Fantasy VII, with its lovely 24-poly game characters.  I was so pissed off when Aeris died.

And, of course, the final boss battle with Sephiroth was epic.  Although I personally had more trouble with Hojo than him (beat him first try).

Then there are the various music themes, such as Cosmo Canyon.

Not to mention the storyline, which was amazing even though it only made sense up to the end of disk 1, since for whatever reason it was possible to miss key plot elements - which I did.  (Seriously... you should have no choice but to find out that those people in Nihelim were paid actors... it's too confusing if you miss that sort of thing.)

on Nov 27, 2009

Anyone else play Pharoah or any of the other Impression city-building games? I ate those things up.


Yes I loved Pharoah! Great game and best of the Impressioins games IMO. Still take it out for a spin from time to time.