Haha, I caught you, you little pedophile, welcome to my life.
Published on November 26, 2009 By Circumstantial In PC Gaming

Please, SHARE any of your nostalgic gaming memories. You gotta admit, those were the best moments in your entire life, whether with a friend, or eating cheese-its till 8 in the morning while you tried to beat that last boss Jericho. I mean, really...honestly...screw the moment you lost your virginity, or when you got married. Some games just never leave the cold, damp caverns of your cranium. O BTW!!! HAS ANYONE...*excuse me* has anyone played the scifi rts game called "Hegemonia" If you have...GIVE ME A LAWLZOR SANDWHICH. O man, how was it? Gimme ur opinion, because I think that, is probably the biggest fail in gaming history...next to spore.

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on Nov 27, 2009

Boulder Dash on the N64.

on Nov 27, 2009

Original SimCity.

on Nov 27, 2009

Battle Isle II

Heroes of Might and Magic II

Those were the days!

on Nov 27, 2009

I remember so many games that I "liked" on the C64.  (that's right, a C, not an N) But I was so young, if it had this movie character or that movie character I HAD to play it.  Robocop being fairly notable.  Impossibly hard for the four year old behind the controls... or maybe I was five.  Captain Zzap stands out as well, a wonderful game.

on Nov 27, 2009

Anyone else play Pharoah or any of the other Impression city-building games? I ate those things up.

I'm still playing Zeus:Master of Olympus(and the Poseidon expansion) ,definitely one of my favorite games